One thought on “Casey_Gardner_Harvast_Faire_Booth

  1. Casey,

    I hung the VW Bug painting on my red living room wall. It looks fabulous.
    I am in love with it. I see something new every time I look at it. KInda crazy,
    but that painting has changed my life in a great way. I’ve always owned
    VWs, beginning with the 1962 clunker I bought in 1966. Lately, I’ve been
    wanting a Mustang GT (late mid-life crises,ha! I’ve always been a late-
    bloomer) I was to the point where I was actually shopping for a GT, when
    I saw your VW Bug painting that is the exact color of my 2008 New Beetle.
    My past, present, and future flashed before my eyes when my eyes landed
    on your painting at the October Fair in Sisters. My longing for a GT vanished
    without a trace. I’m a VW person…what was I thinking? My husband Tom also
    enjoys your painting, but for a different reason: Money. You saved us 30K and
    made him happy (he hates to spend money). I love art, but your work is the first,
    other than the original van Gogh that I saw in London England in 1984, that reached
    into my heart and mind and grabbed my soul. You have some kind of special
    talent rarely seen. Don’t ever quit painting. I think your work is for the ages.

    Love and many thanks,

    Charline Gardner

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